Event Support Bundle??

Sorry if I should have found this somewhere else but I didn’t get anywhere in my quick search and I need to order today.

What exactly comes in the Event Support Bundle (VRC-EPSB-2017)? I can’t find an itemized list anywhere.

I can’t find that listed anywhere. Are you talking about the trophy pack that EPs can order? If so, we got 6 (sorry - edited) trophies, date and award plates (excellence, design, 3 tournament champs and a few others), and two banners… I think that’s it.

Edit: We got enough to award an excellence award, three tournament champs, design award, and robot skills award. Since we also gave a middle school excellence award, we needed to bum an extra trophy.

Oh wow…I just found it. Just trophies and banners??

I think so … bad memory. What else would you expect? Maybe I’ve forgotten a few things.

yes, but you should order through robotevents.com if you are using a EP discount for an event. You can contact your Regional Support Manager for more information.

got it. thanks. i reached out once but he never really said what was in it.