Events And Competitions

I was wondering. Could anyone post any upcoming competitions, and or, any links to any live streams, photos, or videos of new competitions.

(Just to be clear, dont post any links of videos that aren’t yours, or videos you’ve just found on youtube. Post YOUR competitions, or someone elses that you have recorded. In short, DONT RE-UPLOAD.)

You can see a list of all upcoming events here.

What kind of timetable are you going for? Our first tournament isn’t planned to be until November. Do you hope to compile a list of all the videos from the whole season?

No. I feel like there should be a thread for posting just sack attack videos and event info about what happens at events, who won, ext. If you use robot events, it’s bassically just a long list of events that mean nothing. In this thread, it is possible to elaborate on those. It’s essentially just an all around media thread for sack attack.

The Singapore VEX Robotics Championship was several days ago. Does anyone have vids from that?

Yup… we just finished the competition (and still recuperating).

The level of competition this year was much higher than previous years… tough… especially at the knockout rounds.

we do have some vids… but think i will need to check with the teams involved if they mind us uploading them.

but the summary of results are as follow:

Tournament Champions:
Middle School - 8065B (or C :p)… they are also the current Middle School World Champ
High School - 8059C

Excellence Award - 8059 (High School) and 8065 (Middle School)

Programming Skill - 110 points (8065)
Driver Skill - 210 points (8065)

Special mentions to 8068, 8061 and 8063… their 8-bars, super-dumper (of up to 20 sacks), descorer (clear trough in 10sec), etc… really pushed us hard.

Personally, i really want to give the thumbs-up for this year game. It offers a lot more variety in terms of both robot design and strategy.

Is it possible to still host a competition now, or is it too late? Just wondering because I don’t see a competition from where I am.

It’s still very early in the season. A lot more events are going to appear on the list over the next couple of months. I’m sure there will be plenty near you.

If you’re really interested in hosting a tournament, I don’t think it’s too late to register it.

I think this is a very good idea. The only problem I see is lots of discussion happening about each individual tournament, and so then the data for one tournament will be several pages away from another, and so the goal is kind of lost. Right now, it seems to me that the best way to do it is how people have been, by posting a new thread for the tournament, either beforehand, to start discussion, and updating on what happened after it is over, or simply posting after it is over.

As for videos, I have been adding any videos I’ve found to the wiki page made for them:

Perhaps a similar wiki page with event info is closer to what you are thinking about?


The Singapore competition has videos up on youtube…
You can search, “2012 VEX Robotics Challenge Singapore (#1-8)”
There are 8 Videos I know of.
You can also put “Sack Attack Singapore”

Hard to make sense of those videos… most of them seems to be taken during the qualifying matches.

I have uploaded one vid on the middle school final.

Team 8065 was a beast in this match 2012 VEX Robotics Challenge Singapore (2)]. They (Team 8065) proved one of my design ideas! It looked like it worked great!

Good job for your 1st competition!

And guess what… they are still only in middle school… but they robots is like…

Give them my congratulations of you see them for their hard work! They are a great team!

I’ve put the video links up on the Sack Attack Video Wiki. If anyone could help identify/confirm more team/match numbers and scores, etc, that would be great. :slight_smile: