Events profit

Around how much money does competitions bring in? And where does the money come from. Thank you

Are you asking how much it costs to go to the tournmanent?

No I’m asking how much you make for hosting a competition

Oh sorry I mistook your question.

Num teams * (Charge Per Team - $5)
- Event Venue Cost
- Field Acquisition Cost (Control System if you don't have one, VEX Van Field Rental, Borrow Cost)
- Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks for Volunteers
+ Concession

Look here for more info on hosting.


I was told that a 40 team comp brings in around 2500 dollars, but i don’t know for sure because i have never hosted one.

but 3200(40 x 80) - 500 (venue fee) + 200 (concessions) - 300 (renting fields unless you have your own) -100 (for other random stuff) = 2500

Maybe my math is wrong though because I’m very tired.

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Oops, forgot to say, if you can get sponsors that can bring in a lot of money. But it requires a lot of working getting them.


more math please!

trophies $250
banners $100
lunch for teams $600
police details $600-750
custodial fees…

Our primary reason for hosting events is we need a solid number of middle school only events for our region. District likes the visibility.


I understand the trophies, banners and custodial fees, but wouldn’t you make money off lunch for teams, and why would you need to pay 6-700 dollars to give the police details?


By law, if we have a public gathering of more than 150 people on public property, we need a police detail - 10+ hours at $67 /hour adds up. As an EP, it is nice to remind people the person with the badge works for me :slight_smile: (really a joke)

We provide lunch to all teams - we do not want them roaming off premises and not getting back in time for matches. So we offer lunch and the teams seem to be ok with it.

The costs of running an event are higher than most teams think. Their experience has not included having a wedding reception, which I believe VRC competitions appear to be a bargain!

That said, I do not run events at a loss. This is due to early sponsors, thank you Raytheon!, to bootstrap our ability to run events, grant donations for field equipment - thank you MathWorks and DELL! and amazing support from other EPs in the region, in particular thanks to Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) K-12 STEM Outreach program.

We believe in the benefits for all teams and continue to put hundreds of hours towards robotics outside our normal day job - in my case over 600 hours last season.

I think the benefits to the community outweighs the perceived monetary profits from running events.


How many trophies do you give above the ones supplied by VEX? Also, you get two banner with the kit. Or maybe these are second/third events?

Though we provide lunch for teams (1 good size pizza) nobody else in the region does. This is very nice of your organization. Do you even charge for entry?

I’ve not been to a local event that has police directing traffic or walking the grounds. Is there something special about your venue?


I’ve never seen police at any competitions besides worlds and the u.s open, does this mean most people just illegally host their events, or are the police unseen?

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We do have security guards on site but that’s mostly a loss prevention thing. My events are held at corporate office so we also have janitorial and facility staff present. I’m pretty sure our facilities department, which okays these events, would not let us have them if local law required police support.


Police and security are up to the venue. We host our events at the community colly, who just had normal campus security.

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Venue - public school/city property - local regulations. Police detail is a must.

Core trophy pack and we print custom Award Banners as well - teams like these.

Lunch - we budget two large pizzas for each team, chips, cookies and drinks for all team members and coaches.

No entry fees - these are open to the public, all our costs are paid for team fees and some absorbed by our building principal’s budget.

Our event fee per team is $80 per team for qualifying events (region rates range from $50 to $100). Our Regional Championship team fee is $150 - the event runs over 2 day period.


Come visit events in Framingham Massachusetts :slight_smile:


you will almost certainly bring a profit from hosting events, the amount of profit is determined by your expenses.


One important thing, that @rpm mentioned, is that it takes a lot of volunteers to run the competition.

The more teams you have in your school or club the more parents could help, but you will get less revenue, because your teams compete for free.

If you don’t have many teams, you will need to invite external volunteers to help you setup, tear down, and run event. If students and parents from other teams volunteer then you usually don’t charge them admission fee.

Similarly, if you don’t have enough fields and other equipment, which another team brings, then you wave their admission fee in exchange for that.

Also, when we run events, we provide free lunch for all volunteers: inspectors, referees, judges, queuers, announcers, concession stuff, and last, but not least, younger siblings who reset the fields.

Finally, you need to have office supplies like all that extra paper to print schedules, notepads to give to judges, etc… it all adds up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if for some events expenses almost break even and concession stand ends up being the biggest profit maker.

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I run 5 events per year. They are a fundraiser, I tell parents that it’s much better than a car wash.

We only need a custodian, but the PTO or someone else pays for that.

I get the cafeteria for no charge.

I charge $40 for IQ and VRC. For IQ, I have 21 teams, and they usually do well enough to pay for the teams to go to states. For my VRC events, we usually make a few hundred bucks, but that money is usually spent before the competition starts. Where do you think all that aluminum comes from?

VEX is newer to my area, so I can’t charge more than I do because I simply wouldn’t get 16 teams for VRC. I need at least 5ish teams to travel over an hour to get up to 16 teams, so I have to make it work for them.

I don’t get paid anything for hosting events, all profit rolls back into the non-profit. I charge all my kids $50 to be a part of the program. That number would be $100 without events and sponsors to bring a little in.


u gonna host a comp in VA?? if so im in