Everything is back ordered, what can we do?

We would like to start building our robot in summer but now everything is back ordered, even the game kit is on hold.

What can we do? Anyone has a spare set, btw, we are in North California.


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  1. order as soon as you can.
  2. maybe work with what you can. if you have any parts start working on something
  3. you could CAD a bot during the summer and build it when your parts arrive
  4. work on other skills such as programming

Most mentors’ dream - take a post-worlds break


I managed to sneak in an almost 2 week break this year.

I convinced them that next week we’re just disassembling robots and not working on the game.


Does anyone know the timeline of these parts being back in stock/shipping? My team ordered a super kit back in February, but the order is still on hold.

It would be great to know the reasons for the massive delays in shipping.

Global electronic component shortage for like the past 3+ years.

COVID also didn’t help and crippled the global supply chain.


I got an email from VEX support, they said June at the earliest for orders in the Feb. - Mar. range. Fingers crossed!

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Cool… so if i ordered anything now, plus international shipment, guess i should be able to start my season by Christmas.


“patience is a virtue” or you can infiltrate the vex warehouse and acquire the parts


we’ve been able to get some parts in but our field won’t be in for a few weeks, so we’ve just been disassembling robots and unused prototypes, as well as organizing our workspace again

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I know I had ordered one of the new perimeters a week ago just as the went on backorder and it came immediately, lucky me! However if you are talking about the game elements, that is supposed to be shipping in a week? (According to vexrobotics.com)

The backup in shipments these days is real, but don’t quote me on this one: many forum posts have said in previous backorder times most things are in stock for the start of the school year. So hopefully that clears some of the back log. It’s frustrating that this year’s game also seems so fun too!

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Our mentor says it should be in about a week or so, we’re hopeful for it to come in sooner rather than later!

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I called VEX just now, they told me that the field and game kit will be shipped this week, but the super set will not be available until mid of July. Not sure how other teams feel about this, but our kids are sad since they want to use the summer to build the first version of the Robot.


Not to drive the speculation, but is this the competition super set? And did you ask about a specific order cause I did. Also would be worth tagging drow or no? I’m still a little new around here (at least I think so)

Thanks for sharing this information, our team are a bit sad now with us having 3 things stopping our order from being put together and sent out one of them being the super kit with others being pneumatics and the system bundle. We sadly most likely won’t get our parts till august maybe september.

yeah that’s why they say order backordered items separately. The system would probably ship with the super kit as that has to be the hold up of the super kit being back ordered (aluminum isn’t in short supply to my knowledge) however pneumatics have been backordered for a while.

@DRow I’m told you work with VEX sales. If you know anything about the competition super kits order timelines, do you mind sharing? It seems like there are a lot of teams who are anxious to know whether their materials will be here for the start of school ish. Thanks! Also let me know if I tagged you for the right thing.

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Same. I was going to order a super kit or electronics kit for the kids to work with this summer but if I wait until Q3 for a brain, I might as well wait for the school year to start.

In any case, be sure to ask the coach. Our coach is sending home mechanical parts at the least so the kids can tinker around and try designs and have the materials to do it (those who are returning, of course).

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I’m not familiar with the most up-to-date timelines. Your best bet will be to contact our Customer Support Team. They’ll be able to give you a much better answer than I can.