Everything is back ordered, what can we do?

Just contacted them through email, now the wait begins.

If you don’t mind, when you get a response, please share what they said and when your order was?

EDIT: Mine was placed on 3/22/2022 | pneumatic order placed on 5/18/2022 - but I’m not worried about that one.

Yeah, I’ll let y’all know of the response.

My order was also placed on 5/9/22.

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No Meng! I live for a late June report from Singapore!

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This is our first year competing for VRC, is this normal situation during pandemic? How about last year, when did you guys get your game kit and building part to officially start?

I’ve been in VRC for three years now and this is the worst I’ve seen the back order issues get. I doubt this is because of the pandemic, but it could be a factor.
Last two seasons we were able to get the new field elements and our new kits by July, and we started work in August.

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I suppose I should focus on answering your question.

  1. You can do you best to interpret what your timeline should be by watching this thread.
  2. Do a full game analysis and look at other people’s concepts for ideas.
  3. CAD your bot so you can see if it fits together how you want it.
  4. Give yourself a break and wait.
  5. But really there isn’t much you can do after analyzing the game and CADding your bot.

A lot of people are in the same boat, hoping everyone gets what they need in time.

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They could also program. Even though their robot won’t be built, they could code entire things like object detection, idk what else, but I’m sure there’s more. Maybe even make auton plans, and program it, even though you can’t test it.


And I thought Ships in 8 weeks was bad…


lol… sorry to disappoint you (again).
The EP just informed the teams that he still have no idea when are the game elements arriving. So definitely no June SingVex for you.

Sometimes I feel that there must be some conspiracies going on to prevent Singapore teams from starting our season early :stuck_out_tongue:


“Singapore is too powerful… we have to find a way to stop them before they take over RECF for themselves…”


Vex just got back to me most of our order is backorder (ours was placed 5/9/22) and they were hoping to start sending things out in july. The system bundle set, Super Competition set and pneumatics are included in this. The orders are filled by order date and they are actually packed quite quickly. So any orders that are backordered/ have backordered parts placed from january to now are all waiting for july. Vex is mainly waiting for new parts and for the Q3 tax date to come around (Starts July 1st). But for now we are pretty much stuck in place until orders start rolling out.


Ok thank you! I appreciate you sorting that out for us. That checks out too :slight_smile:

Vex just announced that our parts have been shipped.

  1. Wait
  2. Design on CAD
  3. Try to get parts locally

Now that someone has reopened this thread, I’ll add my parts came about two weeks ago, so I believe the hunches about around the beginning of the 3rd quarter were correct. I got my supplies and field elements.

Your teams could have a week and still produce world class robots. VEX is just trying to give the rest of the world a chance to catch up.