Everything Robot

How many people are building robots that do everything???

We are for 4478X

Team 20181X is going for everything.

Same here, assuming you mean going for both cap and ball game elements.

I think almost all of the 2158 teams are going to build robots that can do everything in the game

I think a very solid majority of teams are going for scoring all the possible points, while some teams are going for caps and defense or balls and defense.

2775J is

Team 11342A is

This information is helpful, my team is also building an everything robot, a lot of the teams I have talked to though are doing a one thing robot.

2979E is

team 3631X is planning on building a robot that does everything as well.

S C H T I C K will do everything.


Ah yes… Discord memes…

Team 99000X will be creating an everything robot

We are also building an everything robot

Team 356C will be creating an everything robot.

Out of the four other people in my team, I’m doing the Puncher, and maybe the Cap. My main building is going to China next month. One teammate is a programmer, and two others are notebooks. So that leads me (or myself) to build everything.