Evolution of an idea

Hey all~
Not going to say “too” too much here (yeah, right!), but I thought I’d share a few general updates.

My tractor with loader (original post entitled “In Honor”) got a bit of an overhaul today.


Picture includes the original concept design, my best / most compact solution to powering the lift arms and the fork / bucket (small, partial build created to refine key issues related to motorizing the loader), and finally a third build of the entire front end with three of the anticipated five (?) motors installed. And, yes, there is “just enough” room for gears, chain drive, and a smart cables.

Know you’ll all understand when I say that getting the smart cable to that steering motor is… uh… challenging.

So what’s next?

For sure adding the rear drive, possible cab or ROPS, and other finishing details like more lights, exhaust stack, etc.

Figuring on at least… two more builds? (Which means it’ll probably take five!)

Anyway, I’ve written on my process before, but today I thought I’d fire off a quick shot of what it actually looks like. Basically, build something, put it aside for reference, build it again, and repeat. Although I can usually only keep about three or four versions before critical components force me to tear down intermediate versions, it REALLY helps me to refine a design when I can look back at prior versions and test them side by each.

Kindwhile, willing to post additional photos if anyone has a specific request, wants to see a bottom view, internal view, blah, blah, blah.

Else, I’ll post back in a week or two when I’m either:

 A) happy with my design,
2) get a better idea that I'm more excited

Brain’s thinking today that I might like to try building a Polaris Slingshot, some version of snowmobile, a steam locomotive, or possibly a motorcycle. Hmmm. Trying to build a “true” two-wheeled motorcycle and taking on the challenge of counterbalancing it sounds like an interesting / impossible challenge…

Comments and / or suggestions welcome.

And, as always, “Thanks for reading!”