eVRC Cast: Episode 2 | June 15th @ 5PM EST

Hello Again Everyone!

The eVRC cast is coming back for another episode of our shenanigans tomorrow at 5PM EST on Twitch. We will be covering a handful of topics on this video, including the Robot Skills challenge update, the xRC simulator, the designs that we have seen from fellow competitors. Featured on the episode will be people from teams

  • 2011C
  • PSU
  • 2616J
  • 4154X
  • 5588D
  • 60883D

With guest appearances from teams:

  • 1727G
  • YNOT
  • 81818X

Again, it will be tomorrow, June 15th, at 5PM EST @ Twitch. We hope to see you guys there for the 2nd episode of the eVRC cast!

Have any suggestions? Message me or @NightsRosario on the forums


who will the special guest be?

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me but 20 characters


Is [Redacted] “Sub0”?


Also, we have a youtube channel! If you happen to miss the stream, it’ll be reuploaded to youtube tomorrow night.

Maybe give us a sub???

No, I don’t think I will.


Now this is pogchamp

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Post has been edited to show special guests. Starting in 8 Hours, make sure to be there!

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Skills Update coming very Soon, we will be discussing it on the Cast

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Pretty excited to be a part of it this time

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Looks cool can’t wait to tune in

What will you talk about since there is no skills update?


Is that confirmed or are you joking. I am really bad at telling the difference.

He means there is no skills update out yet?

probably means that the skills update hasn’t been released yet, and what will happen if it doesn’t get released before the cast.

we play csgo until it is


1 month later…

U mean 8 weeks?


10 minutes!!!

1 minute