evryone's age

just wondering how old evryone is i’m 11

thirteen, hey cool avatar :smiley:

oh and age doesnt rlly matter, im team captain at age 13 :smiley:

I thought you where the only one on your team;)

I think he has a brother/father working with him.

lol my 16 year old brother drove for only 1 match, thats about all he did except slow me down, im actually pretty mad at him, oh well

as for my did he liked to say he “mentored with his money” :smiley:

:smiley: that just pretty much proves my point more :smiley:

The “mentored with his money” is a very important part of the whole processes… :wink:

same but dont have a team

I do not have a team. I do vex for the fun of it :smiley:

i do vex for fun too (duh!) but im kind of addicted to my mini robot now (read my servo article later in the year)