Exact Measurements of VEX Parts

Much like my thread from a few years back, I was wondering about the exact measurements of the VEX parts. Some of the aluminum parts’ CAD show the metal being just as thick as their steel counterparts. Looking at the PDF files that came with the STEP files of the parts, I am noticing some strange differences.

For example, the Aluminum 2x1x25 C-Channel says that it’s Y dimension width is 0.546"

whereas the Aluminum 2x1x35 C-Channel says that it’s Y dimension width is 0.563".

Also, aluminum thicknesses seem to be 0.063" in CAD (in the STEP files that are thicker), rather than 0.064", which is what the product pages claim the thickness is.

Just wanting to get some information about what is correct and what isn’t, as I am trying to complete a more or less perfect VEX CAD library.


Hi Jordan,
Let me look into this. As these metal components have moved between manufacturers, and between metal thicknesses our customer facing documentation has not been kept up to date.

I suspect we’ll need to go through and completely update these STEP and PDF files this summer.

Mr. John,

I suspected that was one of the main causes. If you could have that done this summer, that would be awesome.

Thanks so much!

Any update on this? I am currently trying to do some CAD work, and I am having trouble with pillow block bearings mounted to c-channel and not working as they do in the real world.



No update yet. It is on the list for one of my engineers to handle, he’s just been on other projects.


Alright, thank you for letting me know. In the meantime I’ve been able to fix a few parts to be more accurate for the CAD I am doing at the moment, so I should be fine for now.