Exact Parts for the Chain and Sprocktet Design to work?

Hello, I was just wondering what are the exact parts for the chain and sprocket design. All I know so far is the plastic plates which if anyone knew the name of would be helpful if they could tell, chain, gears, and motor. If there any other parts that would help make the chain and sproket design work that would be helpful.

You need to be a little more specific. What do you mean by chain and sprocket design? Is there a specific robot design you have seen you are asking about? are you asking about how chain and sprocket works?
All v5 parts can be found under the v5 tag on the vex website:


The robot I want to base my design off of is the Hero robot “Disco”

As mentioned in the video, the entire robot can be built using the competition starter kit


All parts used to make Disco can be found in the competition starter kit.


Exact details would be found in the building instructions which are not listed yet. However, is it as you said, it’s chain and sprockets. Now unless you are building that exact design around your bot I’d suggest you figure out how many chain links and what size sprockets YOU want for your robot. Otherwise see above.


So far my team and I plan to make the hero bot disco with some modification like adding a flywheel. We don’t want to wait around for build instructions since we don’t know when they are coming and would waist time, we figured we would could find some instructions online since the chain sprocket design was used for turning point competions, but we are having trouble finding them.