Excellence Application

Forgive me if this is stated somewhere that I haven’t realized…

When applying for the Excellence Award at Worlds, is it appropriate to list the online challenge submissions for teams from one school’s robotics club, even if the submissions come from different team numbers?
For example, my team (5735B) submitted an online challenge for the STEM Educational Video and Texas Instruments Electronics challenge, but my sister team (5735Y), submitted a Girl Powered storybook challenge. The sister team is not competing at Worlds. In applying for the Excellence Award at Worlds, should my team list all three of these, or just the two submitted by my team? Would the answer change if my sister team was competing at Worlds?

Thank you for your Post.

The judges guide states “At VEX Worlds, only teams that have submitted at least two different VEX Online Challenges, have won an Excellence Award at an official event during the current competition year, have signed up for an Excellence Award interview, and have submitted their Engineering Notebook will be considered for the Excellence Award.”

The Judges at VEX Worlds award the Excellence award to an outstanding VEX Robotics Program program. Teams being considered will have demonstrated the quality of their program in many areas, not just online challenges. It is preferred that each team list only those online challenges that they have submitted. We are able to cross reference online challenge submissions from all teams at a school/club if needed. A specific example is a school/club website that serves all teams.

The presubmission requirement is in place to allow time to not only verify submitted information, but also time to evaluate submissions from sister teams at a school/club.