Excellence at Worlds

Hello, I was checking the excellence award submission page and it was saying that it is presented to a team. However on the Local Judges Guide it says that “Please note that at VEX Worlds if an individual team from a school or organization receives the Excellence Award, then the award is given to the entire organization, not just the single team. Each qualified team will be given a single Excellence Award Interview slot.” When submitting for the Excellence Award at World Championship, should we do it for the organization or for the individual team(s)?

Thank you for your question.

Submissions must have a valid individual team number. The team must be registered for VEX Worlds in order for the submission to be accepted.

Clubs or schools with multiple teams at Worlds should submit only one Excellence Award request.

The team number submitted should have met the stated prerequisites for the award. The team’s Excellence interview will be scheduled such that it does not interfere with the team’s match schedule at Worlds.

If a school or club submits multiple requests for more than one team, the first request based on the time and date stamp of the submission will be given an interview assuming all prerequisites are met.