Excellence award Interview question

How long are the interviews for the Excellence and design awards at the worlds?

I read somewhere that they were ten minutes long, but the schedule has thirty minute time slots.

Also, is it more presentation or more interview? I know that the format is something like, a presentation followed by questions, but I don’t know we should plan to be mostly presentation, or mostly answering questions about our team.

Thanks in advance for answering these questions.

Each award interview is 10 minutes long. We request that teams choose a time slot, and we will do our best to assign a slot within that 30 minute period. With the high number of teams at World Championship, you may not get your 10 minute interview in the time slot requested. Every team that signs up by April 1st, and meets all of the criteria for the award, will be guaranteed an interview.

As previously emphasized on this forum, these 10 minute slots are for “Interviews.” The judges will look at any prepared material that you bring, but be aware that their goal is to learn about your team and you have a limited amount of time.