Excellence Award Judging at Worlds

For the Excellence Award at Worlds does each team in a club need an engineering notebook, or do we create one notebook for our club?

Are we judged based on a single presentation done by all of our teams, or based on individual presentations by each team in the club?

If its the former, should each team in the club be represented in the presentation even if some of them are not attending the World Championships?


These are great questions, and thank you for asking!
First, there is no need for your club to combine all of your engineering notebooks. Just make certain that you bring all of them to your interview.
Secondly, each qualified team in your club should schedule a “Design Award Interview” so that each team can be considered for the award. Finally, each club should sign up for a single “Excellence Award Interview” because at World Championship, the Excellence Award can be presented to an entire program/club instead of a single team. I would recommend that each team in your club be represented during your Excellence Award Interview.
I hope that this clarifies!


Thank you for the response Brad! I have a couple more questions regarding the judging process.

  1. I wanted to clarify the following statement:

By having each team in my club represented, does that mean one representative from each team should be present at the interview, or should each team and their respective design philosophies/how they are integrated into the club be mentioned during the interview, or a completely different interpretation of the word ‘represented’?

  1. What is expected of each team during an interview?

I remember some posts in past years regarding judging, and some teams mentioned that they would be bringing a projector for their presentation. It is recommended or even encouraged to have some sort of multimedia presentation? Or is this disapproved of by judges?

Thank you very much!

-Tara Balakrishnan

Thanks for asking for clarification. Hopefully this will help.

  1. I would leave it up to the team/club to decide how to have all teams represented. At a minimum, I would suggest 1 representative from each team so that you can explain to the judges how you have collaborated throughout the season.

  2. We place no expectations on the teams during the scheduled interviews. They key to this process is that it is an “Interview” instead of a presentation. You can feel free to bring whatever visual aids (I.E. Projectors) to your scheduled interview, but remember that it could also hinder the your chances at recieving the award if the judges feel as if they didn’t learn enough about your team during the interview. The judges are very open and excited to view any presentation you prepare, just make certain that you have enough time to setup your presentation (and projector) and that you leave enough time for the judges to ask plenty of questions.

I hope this helps.