Excellence Award OoF


For the 2017-2017 In The Zone season, we were interested in being eligible for the excellence award at worlds so that we could possibly win it. Of course, to do so I submitted 2 ** seperate ** online challenges found here* and here.

  • Link is down since the challenge is over and no point in consuming online time for the AWS instance.

Fortunately, we had also won an excellence award here.

Therefore, we have completed the requirements to receive the excellence award:

However! This is not the case, with the release of the document of all qualified teams - it appears that we are not found to be on the list, even while completing all of the requirements. The document is found here
If anyone could suggest as to what to do, as well as who to contact to get this addressed- please help me out, and thank you in advance!


Common misconception, but the requirements state

stating that the excellence award prior to Worlds can be won at any given time throughout the season- rather than at the state championships.


The award appendix for the ITZ season is either non-existent or very, very difficult to find so rulings might be updated and that’s what we want clarification on.

This might be worth posting in the Worlds Q&A

Email @Tarek Shraibati as the Worlds event page says to do.

Also, the Awards Appendix D is available here.

Thank you for the response, I will email him promptly. The awards appendix if you check the URL is from 2016 so it is outdated if and only if the regulations and guidelines have been updated.

I’ll go ahead and email Tarek first and see what to do, but thank you for the advice.

The awards appendix is dated as 7/24/17 and has the “new this year” with things that are new for ITZ; it seems to be the most current version.

Good luck!

I was about to say the same thing.

If the URL says 2016, that may just mean the document was based on one created in 2016. I’ve seen that before with other VEX documents.

Ah, I didn’t catch that! Thank you.

The document you linked for qualified teams is the one for design award. I could not find the excellence document online but our advisor was emailed the document. Still, I do not see your team number on the list and only your U and N teams so I would email Tarek. Maybe it has something to do with excellence being awarded to the club and not a single team?

That’s odd- the document I attached (found on the robot events page for worlds) says that only 1961U from our school can turn in the notebook, however this document you advised us to check says that 1961N should turn their notebook in, where is the confirmation? C’mon RECF :frowning:

However, thank you- and I have emailed Tarek about it and hoping to see a response soon.

The issue has been resolved.

You can’t just leave us hanging… what happened?! I didn’t scroll all the way down to not find a resolution.

I’m sorry! I emailed Tarek and we were able to resolve the issue; the online challenge for the website used 1961 rather than 1961X (because it’s generated automatically using an algorithm) hence the confusion. He fixed it very nicely and quickly, and said the public list would be updated soon.

Cool! Good luck at Worlds!