Excellence Award Qualification and Online Submissions

This thread answers the question from a one team perspective:

However, if a team club has 2 or more teams, is each individual team required to submit 2 separate online challenge submissions. For example if the robotics club 11:

  1. has teams 11a, 11b and 11c
  2. each team submits one online challenge (a total of 3)
  3. 11a has won an excellence award and qualification spot to the world championship

Will 11a have met the criteria in regards to online challenge submissions??? It seems a bit gray. Theoretically, teams 11a, b and c could have worked together on all of those submissions but the submissions were spread out amongst the various teams. However, reading this black and white, it seems like 11a may be out of luck in this case. Is that true?

If a club or school has multiple teams that have won the Excellence Award during the current season and earned spots at the World Championship, each eligible team will be considered for Excellence at the World Championship in their division. Online submissions from teams that belong to clubs will be considered as meeting the online challenge requirement for all eligible teams in the club. These submissions must be from two different challenges.