Excellence Award Signup??? for Worlds

Because of the recent questions about STEM and Excellence at Worlds, I’ve read the Judges’ Guide. Based on the Judges’ Guide page 7:
Criteria to Qualify for VEX Worlds Excellence Award Consideration:
 A team must have won an Excellence Award during the competition season.
 A team must have an Engineering Notebook.

Can you tell me if there will be an online signup for the Excellence Award as with the STEM Presentations? How will the judges know if a team has won the Excellence award before? I know on the STEM signup it request the specific event that a team won either the STEM or Excellence. Will the World Judges do the research?
We haven’t had our state tournament yet, but I’m sure others may be asking this question too.

Thank You!

Only the VEX IQ STEM Research Project presentation requires online registration for VEX Worlds. The VEX IQ Judge Advisor at Worlds will have access to information on the teams who meet the awards criteria. Thanks for your support of the VEX IQ Challenge.