Excellence Award Winner at Worlds

Did the team that won the excellence award at worlds have a written or printed engineering notebook?
Also, how big was the book (quality or quantity better)?

If I am not mistaken, the team must also take part in the design award in order to be considered for excellence.

And all design award participating teams will need to submit an engineering notebook.

As for quantity or quality, I will leave it to 2915a to talk about it.

But trust me - the NZ teams take their engineering notebook very seriously.

I’d like to see an award winning notebook as well. It would be interesting to see how much they put in it and what they put in it compared to ourselves.

Here is a link to an exemplary notebook that is on the RECF website: http://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2013/10/vrc-engineering-notebook-2013-team-5327a.pdf .

2886A had three ( 200 page or 100 im not to sure ) hardback engineering notebooks completely filled with everything they ever did said or saw involving the robot

My school (1575) took home two divisional design awards this year. We use hardbound engineering notebooks with typed supplements. REC even said they might replace 5327a’s PDF with one of my school’s (1575A). Their notebook was 2 360-page hardbound notebooks and 200+ pages of supplementary information.
For a notebook, you want decent quantity, without sacrificing quality. Something like 150-200 pages for a usual state tournament should be fine as long as the content is meaningful (insightful and explains what happened to the robot and why that was done).

My team won the exellence award at worlds for the 2014-2015 skyrise season middle school and the 2015-2016 design award in arts division. Our actual engenering notebook was all handwritten and was not very big. The quality of the stuff inside our notebook was very good though.

Yeah having 1200 pages of really lousy writing isnt going to win. 200 pages of phenomenal writing will

When my team won a divisional excellence in gateway, the focus of our notebook was to show why we ended up with our design. We developed goals and plans that we tackled each week and for subsequent tournaments and thus all the way to worlds. All writing was in respect to these plans we made and then we did a team review after tournaments to analyze everything our team did over the last few weeks and how close we were to our goals. We then generated solutions to our shortcomings which became the plans for the next tournament. Lastly if you have access to local engineers go shadow them and/or ask them of how they approach the design process of their work. You can learn some valuable documenting and iterative techniques just from doing that. Good luck!

Ask @Maverick (7268A).
#1 Programming Skills (Both HS and MS) and MS Excellence Award winner at worlds.

Our notebook was actually quite short.
A couple tips:
Make sure you stay detailed
Leave summaries at the beginning of each sections*
Show the planning process
DEFINITELY Quality over Quantity
Have a mix of hand written pages and typed pages
Keep a log
You should be detailed enough to rebuild your entire robot with just your notebook.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

*Summaries are good as judges like to skim through books before they look in detail.

Not sure I don’t have it with me, but it was a full hardcover 1 inch binder

Lynfield College won the Excellence award for (high school) NBN with a hand-written engineering notebook. The only pages that we typed up were the contents page and a timeline looking back at our different designs over the season.

We will make another post once we finish scanning/uploading it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Our engineering notebook can be found here

Hey guys,

Its Reeve from 2915A here. We’ve seen this post and have decided to release our Engineering Notebook for you all to see.

You can find it here

I’ve also written down some pointers for you guys in hopes that you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:

Please mark this post as the answer so that everyone who’s trying to find our Engineering Notebook can find it quickly and easily :slight_smile:

At the world competition level, the engineering notebooks are first reviewed by a panel of judges and scored on a rubric. The rubric should be available here: http://www.roboticseducation.org/vex-robotics-competitionvrc/game-day-running-an-event/ once the current game documents are all in place. It’s not a secret document, but it does take some digging to find the award rubrics.

Those notebooks that score high on the rubric are given to the panel of judges who will be doing the team interviews. This is why only a handful of teams in each division at Worlds was interviewed specifically for the Design award. (All teams were interviewed for the other awards).

Judging as local and state events could be different, since not all judges have been trained at the world competition, and local events do not necessarily use the rubrics.