Excellence Award

I asked a RECF person but they wanted it in the public forums.

I am taking the Vexmen to worlds this year and I have some excellence award questions. We have three teams in two divisions coming to worlds.

80R and 90C are in the middle school division each winning an Excellence award at a tournament and 81M is in high school and got in through a design award at a large tournament. We’re all the same club but still have a variety of numbers (not as bad as two years ago but still not 100%).

First, the awards document says the Excellence Award is a club award now but is that constrained per division? Both 80R and 90C filled out forms for interviews already so we’ll have to work that out.

81M did not win an excellence award so if in divisions they can’t sign up on their own.

Second, what is the scoring rubric for Excellence when it is a club award? Is it the same scoring as the per robot award at local events and then an average of the all the teams attending worlds? Is it best score among the club teams moving them up (best ball in golf)? Or is it still via a single team qualifying in the top 10, being judged award finalist and then given to the club? Or is it just based upon those robots that have won excellence awards from the club earning elements in the rubric?

Best ball helps the largest, most represented teams have the best shot. Using the average of all robots from the club at worlds makes it nearly impossible to have all robots in the top qualifying spots from large represented clubs. While best single robot makes it not seem like a club level award.

Can you please give some more insight into the Excellence rubric for worlds?



The Excellence Award Calculator may be found in the World Championship Judges Handbook posted here:

The Middle School teams from the same club that have won the Excellence Award at a qualifying event this year will be given one interview. The High School that has not won the Excellence Award at a qualifying event this year will not be given an interview.

The Excellence interview score will be entered into the calculator for each team in the club that has won the Excellence Award at a qualifying event this year. All other points in the calculator will be given to each team based on their individual performance.

Thanks. That WC judges handbook view helps things a lot. That clears up high/school & middle school, and it looks like the words “club award” have been removed from the version I saw in Appendix E of the rules. A “club interview” might be a better description for next year’s rule book.

So one club interview of eligible participants and the interview score is shared between the multiple teams from the same club. Then in each division you give out the top scorer in each division.

(One more thing - in middle school, the top skills ranks are tough to come by for the younger set in middle school. Can each major division be ranked for the PS and RS points? I know we’ve had some killer driving middle schoolers the past few years, but top ranks of programming skills has been pretty much been the realm of the high schoolers.)