Excellence interviews??

We signed up for both the Excellence award and Design award interviews back in mid March and the webpage showed confirmation of sucessful completion of the sign-up. Also when we went back a couple of day’s later to double check the 2 time slots we had selected for each it would not let us because when we clicked on the link on the awards page it told us we had already registered. We have yet to recieve an email with an interview time.

An email was sent to the email address entered into the system by teams requesting an interview. Team contacts should check their spam folder first to see if the email was sent there. Teams may also go to the judging area on Thursday morning at 9 am to check the schedule. The interview area will be located by room 201A.

We have checked and found nothing. :frowning:

I figured out why we did not hear anything about the excellence interview, we did not know we had to do an online challenge. I still wonder why we have not heard about the design award interview.