Excellence judging at Worlds

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Brad responding to 575haiku writes: (Bolding mine)

Can you tell me how judging on the Excellence Award works?

I’m confused because:[LIST]
*]*All of the published rubrics talk about a single team (a single robot) for the Excellence Award.

*]*All of the individual awards that the teams won at each event was a team effort, not a club effort.

*]*All of the online things that got done were by each team per Rick’s Instructions, not a collective club effort.
Based on Brads post will an updated rubric be posted?


At the VEX Robotics World Championship, the Excellence Award will be given as a club award. Please reference the Awards Appendix and Judge’s Handbook for additional detail. In summary we are using the same published rubric for Excellence Award at Championship and integrating the information from all teams in a club into a single score.

Many Thanks!

Some new questions then:

From the guide the awards are by division.

Teams are split across divisions, which division do they compete in?

One of our middle school teams (80) won the overall Excellence Award last year. (This year they are 80N). From the judges handbook they are not eligible for the Excellence Award this year.

Does that mean that the other middle school teams in the club are not eligible?

Does this mean that our High School teams are not eligible since they are part of Downingtown Area Robotics?


Thanks for the follow-up questions.

  1. A club will be eligible for the Excellence Award in each division that they have teams competing. If team 80A is in the Science Division and team 80B is in the Technology Division, Club 80 (Downingtown Robotics) will be considered for Excellence Award in both Science and Technology Division.
  2. As long as a single team in Club 80 is eligible for the Excellence Award, they are all eligible. If a single Club 81 team is eligible, then they are all eligible.

I hope this helps!