Excellence Judging at Worlds

Hello, just a quick question.
I would just like to clarify a couple of things pertaining to the Excellence Award for this year’s World Championships.

-How will we be judged at worlds for the Excellence Award
-What is the point breakdown for the Excellence Award?

I found that there was a point calculator last year, however I could not find one for this year’s event.
Where would I be able to find documentation that would help explain these points, and when will it be released if it has not been already?

The Excellence Award criteria may be found in the official World Championship Judges Guide.

Please note that the Excellence Award is not strictly determined by a point system. Judges use the point system to narrow down the number of applicants. Judges then decide which team best exemplifies a truly excellent team. It is possible that the team with the highest point total is not awarded the Excellence Award.

Thanks for the reply.

Looking at the scoring, I noticed that Online Challenges are 1 point each up to a maximum of two. The application online, however, allows you to list four.

Are only two of those four online challenges counted towards your score?

That is correct. Only two points are used in the calculator.