Exciting Vex News

We bought our Vex lab kits this week and are already planning to enter the Vex competitions next year. We contacted the people holding the Vex World Championship in a few weeks and they let us know there will be many tournaments around the country next year and here in California, so I’m really looking forward to it. We’re going to have the students working on the robots a bit over the summer to get ready, and I think I’m going to take my son to the World Championship in a few weeks so we can see what the event is like.

We tried to get information from FIRST about the new FTC platform, but they never answered any of our questions. Instead the people at Vex were really helpful, friendly and tried to answer every question we had - so thank you to the people at Vex. They seem to care more about the schools and the students than then the people at FIRST, at least that’s the experience we’ve had.


For those of you, like me - Doh!, who couldn’t remember where to go to get info about this weekend’s webcasts of the Bridge Battle World Championship and the webcast of IFI’s announcements about the future of their programs (and about the avenues they want to open for customer-feedback and advice (from us))… the links are in the RobotEvents web site.

Here is a link to the pertinent page: http://www.robotevents.com/event.php?eid=333

This is the same page Jason pointed us at in his message in this thread five weeks ago.

I hear that the Saturday afternoon (West Coast time) announcements should be interesting.

PS: No - I don’t know what the Saturday PM announcements will be, but folks have suggested that will be a good time to “tune in”.
PPS: Everything announced is also supposed be released in printed (web page) form at roughly the same time (I expect some delay).

I will be taking notes during these “announcements” and will post info and pictures, if there is anything to photograph, as soon as I get internet.

Vex advertised the “new hardware” in SERVO Magazine today