Exorbitant Shipping Costs

I may just be new to the world of ordering online from robotics clubs, but I am in utter shock at the shipping costs from VEX. To order this year’s challenge kit, field, and two name plates, I’m required to pay over $60 in shipping. That’s an additional 20%! Even worse, if I were to just order the $2 name plates, there’s a 250% price increase just for shipping! As an elementary school teacher with very limited funds, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to pay this. Whatever happened to flat-rate shipping?

Is there any way to get these costs reduced, other than driving hundreds of miles to pick it up in person?



Sent you a PM with some ideas. Good luck.

It seems like a lot, but I suspect it’s correct. I just checked, and it cost about $20 to ship the challenge kit to Indiana. The field is made up of two boxes that are about the same weight as the challenge kit, so $60 would be about right.

Those three boxes are pretty heavy.

Robotmesh and iDesign both have free shipping, you may want to order from them

I’ve looked into RobotMesh and iDesign, but they aren’t approved vendors with my school district. The search continues!