Exothermic 10D Robot Reveal

So our team has almost finished our second robot and wanted to share what we are doing and would really appreciate if you would tell us what you think.

Here is a video of our robot:

Drive: 4, 269 motors and 2, 393 motors NOT on high speed setting.
Arm: 1:7 with 2, 393 motors
Intake: NZ Style

Special Features:
Our intake ramp can change its angle

Thanks for taking the time to look at this and we look forward to your comments.

great robot!
do u have a two speed drive?

That video was amazing. What gear ratio do you have for torque? How do you switch you gears? Is it the 2 extra motors? How does your chute change its angle?

I’m jealous, could you by any chance post a picture of how your gearing for the torque goes? I’m trying to make one, but the rest of the team is too busy to help me design one.

Have you qualified for Worlds yet? I think this robot will do really well.

Looks solid. A few questions:

  1. Does the drivetrain motors time out when the robot is pushing other objects (like the ones in the video)? If so, how long do they last until they time out?

  2. Do you think your robot would be able to push the WASABI gatebot?

  3. Why the Vex metal on the ramp instead of polycarbonate (plastic)?

  4. This question is unrelated to the robot, but did your team ever go through faulty 2-wire motors on the drivetrain? Faulty as in not the replaceable gears breaking, but the actual permanent magnet inside the motor broke making the motor unusable? If not, what do you do to protect the motor or how you build your drivetrain?

  5. What gear / sprocket combination does the drivetrain have?


Are you using the Lexan allowance somewhere? What for? I don’t see it on this robot. If you aren’t using it, I highly recommend replacing the metal pieces that form the ramp on your six-bar linkage with a Lexan sheet. The weight difference will likely allow you to be a little more aggressive with your arm speed.

First we have only had the motors time out in our high speed mode and only after we stall them for a good 10-15 seconds and our robot weighs 18.5 Lb.

Second we use the metal on the ramp becuse we are using 2 pneumatic pistons to change the angle and we needed a more sturdy attachment point for them then the Lexan would allow. The lexan that we do use is used to extend our ramp after the start of the match.

Third we never had problems with the magnets in the two wire motors and to protect them we try not to jam it from forward to reverse quickly and other movements like that. We also have a very redundate chain on our robot meaning that three seperate portions of chain would have to break for us to lose power to that side.

Fourth for our drive we have a 5:3 high speed, 3:5 torque, we use a single double acting pneumatic piston to change gears and that seems to work well.

We have qualified for worlds and look forward to going, and will be posting more video of the ramp changing angles and some other pictures of the robot.

Thanks for all your comments

can u upload any photos?

We will hopfully have some by the end of today to upload. Do you want a photo of anything spacific.

Do you have any robot skills runs, or just driver practice with scoring?

transmission and drive so pretty much everything

also the pneumatic tipper i guess u could call it

Nice work. See you at Redmond competition.

So here are the pictures unfortanatly we do not yet have practice video or skills video






i dont get the transmission

And more






looks like a nice solid robot!
can wait to see you at redmond!
it will be our first time seeing a transmission in action!
and it would be interesting to see what it would be capable of in a game…

Thanks for the great pics of your transmission. I was just talking to one of my teams about something similar this week and these will certainly help them understand.



We aslo cant wait to see you at redmond and as far as our testing goes our transmission should work very well.

Although I haven’t seen it in a match, so I can’t draw many conclusions, I can say this robot is really good. :slight_smile:

This is by far the best transmission I have ever seen. The single piston gear change is amazing. The time and effort you have put into the transmission shows through the pictures and video, and hopefully will bring you success in matches.

I do have a question: Do game objects get flung out of your storing area when the pneumatic cylinders fire?

And, some (hopefully constructive) criticisms (but feel free to explain why you did what you did):
On this incredibly well built robot, the chair wrap seems a little out of place. If you just added a few idler gears, you wouldn’t ever have to have two sprockets on an axle. Remember: the more chain you have, the more friction, and the more likely it is a link will break.
On most of the elite NZ style robots I’ve seen, the intake rollers are at more of an angle. I think this angle helps drivers to aim objects when scoring, and pickup is also easier if the rollers are parallel with the bucket. I can’t really tell if you’ve done this already, but if you attached the rollers to the bucket, when the pneumatics tilted the bucket, the rollers would also change angle.

In summary: Great job. That’s a clean robot.

id like to see this robot in a match