EXP controller and brain no longer paired - HELP!

I received one of the new EXP kits instead of the V5 classroom kit I ordered, which is fine - I want to switch over for next year. The controller and brain were pre-paired. HOWEVER, after it did a firmware update, the brain no longer recognizes the controller, and I can’t find any info online about how to re-pair them.
We found the icons that look like the right thing in the settings menu on the brain, but when we hold down the buttons as indicated, the controller just turns off (or on). Nothing else happens.

You need to run a cable between the brain and the controller to pair them.

This reply is for V5. See answer below.

Not possible with EXP. The brain and controller connect wirelessly only.
I finally found the answer. You have to hold down L1 and L2 while hitting the power button twice at the EXACTLY RIGHT interval. Took me about a dozen tries. Finally got it.

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Glad to hear it. I misunderstood when you said that you were switching over.

This would be the reference document for pairing.

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This has not been my experience with EXP or IQ 2nd Gen which both pair in the same way. Getting the controller to pair was pretty straightforward following the on screen diagram.


With the controller already on, hold the L-up and L-down buttons and double tap the power button on the controller. The timing of the last part doesn’t seem to be that critical.

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