EXP Controller reset

I’ve been using EXP kits for a few weeks and have had controllers freeze up three times. Twice the battery light was solid red (indicating “charging”) even after being unplugged. The third time I think both lights were solid green. We couldn’t get them to turn off. The only solution I found was to unscrew the battery compartment and take the battery out. Is there a reset button that I’m not seeing (like the one on V5 controllers) or another way to reset them? Taking the battery out is tedious and, from past experience with tiny phillips-head screws, I’m worried it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets stripped and stuck in the controller.

Also, I don’t see forum topics or tags for EXP.


Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately there is not a reset button on the EXP controller. So the only way to do a hard reset is by removing the battery. Our team will look in to this and see what we can find out. If you have any steps or scenarios where you can easily reproduce this issue that would be a big help.


We’ve been using EXP for a few weeks. I have 2 controllers (out of 10) that won’t shut off and won’t pair with a brain. I’m assuming the power buttons are no longer functioning. Is this something that has happened to anyone else? What should I try to fix it?


Is the firmware up to date on these controllers? Connect them via USB to a computer running the installed version of VEXcode EXP.

removing the battery will reset the controller.


Thank You. Updating the firmware fixed the 2 controllers that wouldn’t shut off.

New problem… 2 controllers won’t update. One is stuck in DFU mode and the other is just not detected. Any ideas to fix these. I don’t see the option for ‘Recover (Fast Red Blinking.)’ on the installed version of vexcode, and the online version doesn’t detect the controller.

I have tried resetting by removing the battery. This did not help.

On the Desktop version of VEXcode EXP, there is no “Recover (Fast Red Blinking)” button because the Update button is able to handle recovery from DFU mode by default(this cannot be handled the same way on the Web version due to WebSerial limitations, hence the addition of the “Recover” button). If you try regularly updating the controller on the installed desktop version of VEXcode, that should solve your problem.