expanding in the non-expansion zone automatic disqualification?

Is expanding in the non-expansion zone ( outside of the white tape) an automatic disqualification? If it is a first offense, are we supposed to get a warning? Or is it automatically a disqualification?

Thank you!

DQs are generally given to match effecting infractions. Read carefully the Game Manual. This is spelled out in <SG2> The pertinent reference for your question:

Was it match affecting? If you are in the process of moving your lift down when you move out of the zone, you are fine, but if you hit a high flag with your bot, it will be a disqualification. If you accidentally expand (not match affecting), you will get a warning, nothing else. If a non-match affecting expansion enables a match-affecting action, then that will be a disqual.

I have a feeling it’s very dependent on your location. This is a good question to ask in a driver’s meeting to see how likely it is to happen in your area. We were in a tournament last weekend and expanding outside the expansion zone wasn’t even mentioned once. Part of the reason for that is very few robots in Virginia even expand.

depends on a lot of things. If you did so on purpose, to be able to do things you normally couldn’t do, and especially if it was match affecting, then yes, it could be a DQ. but if it was just accidentally raising your lift above 18" and then correcting your error without doing anything, it should just be a warning. but then, It also depends on the ref, like @Gear Geeks said.

oh ok thank you so much

Remember that if there are multiple warnings, even if none of the warnings was match affecting, you could still get a DQ. (emphasis mine)