Expansion horizontal or vertical?


So i am planning to create a robot for the new game. There is a rule in which a robot must stay within the size limit, which made myself question a design. If a part of the robot had a mechanism that, when moved, would flip down in a stationary position, would it be considered horizontal or vertical.

For example, say if i were to create a robot utilizing side rollers that flipped down (sort of like a tossup bot). What kind of expansion would it be? I just want to make sure so i won’t get DQ’d in a match.


There is no definition for the type of expansion, just the size of the robot as a result. Think of it this way. After the game starts, your robot can expand within a 36" diameter, right cylinder that is 18" tall entirely outside the expansion zone or of unlimited height if touching the expansion zone.

@Mudkip The screenshot I took says your robot can expand horizontally at the start of the match no more than 36". However, Robots can expand vertically with not hight limit at the start of the match.

If it helps, you can answer this question yourself by reading the manual.

Careful. Only one robot in an alliance can expand with no height limit at the start of the match. The other one will have to move at least a little bit to touch the expansion zone before it’s allowed to expand with no height limit.

Oof. I have re-read Rule SG2.

technically, the white tape is part of the expansion zone and the white tape goes over part of the second starting tile. So both robots can be in the expansion zone at the beginning so long as the second one is touching that white tape

Ah, yes, you’re right. The tape isn’t right at the edge. It’s actually well inside the starting tile. So you could start touching the tape and be able to expand upward right away, so long as you’re touching that tape.