Expansion Ideas

Anyone got some expansion ides? because my team is hoping for a smaller one that can fit, We can use pneumatics though so motor based. Any ideas?

You can use a flywheel with a string. It might be harder to not get the string caught, but it should be relatively simpler than pneumatics.

Well, how about a mini catapult?

Look at Gears (323V) or Jugglenauts’s expansion (100A) since they both have extremely consistent linear string shooters that work incredibly well. The core concept to both designs is to have two standoffs that are both pointed outwards in the stored position. One of the standoffs (or high strength axel if you choose) can rotate via a double acting piston (you can use single acting, but it helps to have active retraction to mitigate risk of early expansion). Because they’re angled outward, string can wrap around them and when the moving piece rotates forward, it releases both the weight (which is powered by one or more rubber bands) and the string.

That could also probably work. You could have a crossbow-like design as well using rubberbands to load and store an object.

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