Expansion Mechanism

Which option is more effective for late game expansion? On youtube, there’s a lot of mechanisms where they just shoot a weight with a string on it, but that could easily get entangled with another robot. There are other mechanisms like a horizontal scissor, but would that achieve as many points in terms of expansion as the string?

please help out

no other method is even comparable to string shooters in terms of effectiveness.


but what happens if another team gets tangled in your string?

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other than it being a pain to clean up, you are not penalized for incidental entanglement during the endgame.

thank you…sorry for being a nuisance, i get the whole read the rules thing around here, it was just a bit unclear to me…


While string shooters are more effective in terms of points, walls have the ability to block off and control certain areas of the field. 3141A’s endgame is capable of blocking off both rollers in a corner. Something like this in tandem with shooters could be more affective, albeit with more work.


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