Expansion problems

Hey guys, I’m having a bit of trouble with my expansion. It is a catapult (3 in total) held down by a c-channel. When I try to release it however, the cylinders have a problem of not extending well. I think it is due to the friction between metal or maybe with my rubber bands (but I don’t really want to change it due to less range). Any advice? Here is a photo of it:

Thanks in advance.

My guess is that the weight of the c-channel, which, as far as I can tell is only supported by the air cylinders, is putting a lot of downward pressure on the piston rod, making it harder to move. Easiest solution is to stick a c-channel down for it to slide on and support it, taking some of the pressure off of the cylinders.

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If I am looking at your picture correctly, you have a piece of C Channel rigidly attached to the ends of your air cylinder rods, and those cylinder rods support that channel and hold back the string launchers. If any lateral force, that is bending force, is applied to these air cylinders, you will bend and ruin the piston rods of the air cylinders, if you haven’t already. Air cylinders should ideally be installed with pivot at both ends, so the only forces are push and pull axial to the cylinder. They cannot support any side loading without bending the piston rods.


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