Expansion rules

So, my team’s expansion is currently flying outside of the field. However, some of the string is still touching the field tiles. Do those tiles count for points, or does everything have to stay in the field? (I’m lazy and I don’t want to change out all the string, so I want to be sure that it’s illegal before trashing all my hard work).

Give the game manual a read. It will tell you what is and isn’t legal concerning parts leaving the field and tiles counting as scored.


Scoring aside, if your expansion mechanism is leaving the field on any sort of regular basis, you should really fix that because shooting objects out of the field could be deemed a violation of S1.


So, I was planning a few things out with my team and going through the manual and saw that the low-goal areas did not count for expansion points, but I wasn’t entirely sure what was still considered traping and wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on whether we could possibly push other teams bots into the low goal so they cant gain nearly as many points for the end game.

As you were reading the game manual, did you see a rule that prohibits you from pushing an opponent’s robot? If so, what rule did you find and let’s talk about it. Otherwise, remember that the game manual does not generally discuss game strategy, only requirements and constraints.


Thank you for the help, I ended up going back to check the manual again and this time I found what I need with the rules of Traping other bots.

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