Expansion Sizing Tool Reviews?

Has anyone had a chance to try the new “On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool”? https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-5942.html

I’m curious whether it is quick and easy to switch from measuring 18" to measuring 36", and the precision of measurement in either position.

How badly does it get beat around when transported with a playing field and game set? I’m torn between whipping some up from 1/2" plywood, or just getting a few of these. We’d mainly be giving them to the refs for on-field measurements and to tech inspectors for measuring the 36" expansion. We already use lasers to measure the 18"x18" starting configuration for tech inspection.


(Just realized my old thread on the laser sizing boxes must have been deleted when the site upgraded a few years ago. I’ll repost them in a separate thread.)

The switch is not quick, but it is easy. There are four screws that need to be moved. We already had a couple of regular sizing tools. We purchased one of the new ones, not knowing that it comes with the EP kit, so now we have two of them. We will simply keep the new ones set up for the 36 inches and use the older ones for the 18 inches. That way, there is no switching.

I would not expect it to run smoothly to have refs switching them back and forth on the fly during the matches.

Thanks! If they can’t quickly switch from one configuration to the other then I’ll save myself $50 and get some scrap plywood and have a 36" measuring tool ready for our next event.


If you order the EP supplies, you will get one of the new sizing tools. I am just keeping it at the expanded length.