Expansion While On Field

This year’s rules prevent you from going out of the 18" box when out of the climbing zone. How will refs tell if a robot’s slightly out of the limit while on the field? New steps in inspection to measure a robot at supposedly the maximum expansion while out of the climbing zone? (That’s still on a trust system though; “I swear, I won’t expand my robot this much when outside of the climbing zone ;)”) Any other ideas?

the only thing that i can think of that would effect the match is roller intakes, i remember in tossup when we had to remove a flipper so it fit

The same way we judge possession, pinning etc. It is a judgement call by the referee, although I do suspect that inspection will have a larger role to play in proving that a robot does remain inside 18". For instance, if a robot has internally moving components, they may be able to demonstrate that the components stay within 18" during normal operation.

This Q&A also covers this topic.

I don’t think many referees would rule a robot to have expanded beyond 18" unless it is obvious, or is done repeatedly. A one time accidental expansion slightly beyond 18" probably won’t lead to any issues, unless that somehow affects the final match score.