Expansion Zone

What are the rules on expansion outside of the expansion zone?

I believe outside the expansion zone there is no vertical expansion allowed whatsoever, however I believe you are allowed to expand horizontally up to 36 inches.

yes, so you could have an 18" tall pancake that goes to a 36" circle outside the expansion zone, (starting in 18" cubed) then if your touching the expansion zone your pancake could be an infinitely tall 36" in diameter cylander.

People… PLEASE READ the MANUAL to prevent repeated questions that are being asked in this forum!
Also, use the search bar on the top right of this site to search questions you may be asking!

Thus, READ the manual!

EDIT: IF you can’t find the manual, Google “Vex Turning Point Manual”
Or click on this link -> https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-turning-point/VRC-TurningPoint-GameManual-20180427.pdf

+1, except since the forum search bar is trash, use google for the search function. Search google for: “site:vexforum.com (insert search keywords)”

What if you expand vertically, and then leave the expansion zone?

^ ^

I read through the manual, but I don’t remember reading anything about leaving the zone expanded vertically.

It quite clearly says right there: The robot must return to a height limit of 18"

Woops… sorry, my eyes skimmed over that. I’m a little sleep deprived right now.

The game manual changes from time to time for clarification and/or to block exploits. (To the point where the manual on the Android app and from the site were out of sync for a while). You might have read an earlier version that didn’t have that line added. edit: nvm

It’s best to check the manual (or game manual updates thread) ever so often.

Are you allowed to be expanded when you are mostly in the expansion zone, but 2wheels are out

As long as one part of your robot is touching the zone then you are fine