Experience with reruns

Does anyone have any experience with reruns(basically driving the bot and the program collects encoder ticks and puts it into sensor). I have watched some bots doing it but most of them use time and robotc which has a timer and since i am using PROS, it is hard to implement a timer. If any one has experience please do help.


I don’t have experience, but I think you can establish a variable to count your encoder ticks and print them to the joystick screen. You just write down your values after each movement, and then use those values in your code.
At least that’s how I would do it if this was the route I was going.

Edit: Maybe this thread could help.

Does anyone have any other ideas with reruns and how to do them in pros?

Majority of teams use the controller values instead of sensor values, but I would not recommend rerun for this challenge seeing as it requires more accuracy

it is possible, My robot (team 14888D) currently has record code using time at 5ms intervals which makes it ok, but not super accurate. V5 is currently very buggy when it comes to attempting to debug code like this so it is difficult to attempt to optimize and make it more accurate. team 1200Z figured out how to make the code work very well on 1ms intervals. It is possible with some fancy code and an SD card.

I’ve had only minimal experience with reruns. The two times I have tried it have produced results less accurate than regular coding. Also, driving perfectly for auton cam be difficult and may even take longer than just coding it. With pros and Okapi, you can produce very accurate autons relatively quickly, to the point where rerun programs aren’t as useful. If you could perfect one though, I could see it being very helpful, though.

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