Expirenced Programmer looking for a VexU / VAIC team to join

My junior year in high school was when I first started doing Vex Robotics. That was the year that the other team for our organization went to worlds (2019). The next year my team and I worked as hard as we could to qualify for worlds and we made it. Then covid happened and worlds was canceled. In my misery, I joined a VexU team that was starting up nearby. For the next year I was helping them with programming. We were planning on creating a fully autonomous robot and compete with that, but because of the unknown of covid it was difficult to find people interested who would be dedicated. I slowly faded away from the team. As I was fading away, a bunch of high school seniors joined the VexU team that I had been a part of. A couple of the main schoolers has a serious grudge against me, and so, despite my best efforts, they rejected me from joining their team that I had previously been a part of for a year. This really sucks. I’m stuck in a position of wanting to do something amazing in Vex, but haven’t had a team to really succeed. In fact, I doubt that I’ll even be able to join the VexU team nearby next year.

Therefore, I have a couple choices:

  • Start my own team from scratch
  • Join a VexU team out of state
  • Stop doing Vex for the time being

If I can’t join a Vex team, I’m probably going to put my Vex career behind me, and start a farm.

While starting my own team from scratch is possible, it will be rivals with the nearby VexU team with less resources in general. This would pretty much be a repeat of my high school Vex expirence, so I would like to avoid that.

Now is a time in my life where I have few obligations, and can do pretty much anything. The thing that I want to do most in life ATM is to do something awesome in Vex and go to worlds. Basically, what I’m proposing in this post is to send out an application for a VexU / VAIC team in the US. I’m primarily a programmer. Here’s my GitHub username, and autonomous robot code (using ROS). I would imagine that I would need to move to wherever a team is located and we can talk specifics later. If you need an experienced programmer in your VexU / VAIC team, please message me that you’re interested.

Thanks for getting this far.


Where are you located/what college?

I would like to vouch and state a recommendation that @Potatehoes914M is by far one of the most experienced programmers in VEX. If anyone is in Utah, you have an opportunity for a programmer that is more than capable of supporting the team.


I’m currently located in Utah, but I’m willing to move pretty much anywhere in the us and take a couple classes from a college.

Thanks Connor. That means a lot.


Alright I’ll bite,
I don’t believe your best bet is to go to a college or university solely for the purpose of participating with a competitive team of any disciple, whether that be Formula Racing, Concrete Canoe, or even VEXU. These experiences are fantastic to supplement your academic experience, but aren’t the sole reason for you attending a school.

I highly recommend not going down this path. Spending a considerable sum of your own money and moving for the sole purpose of competing in VEX is nowhere close to being worth the cost. I understand that you really want that experience of winning. But I think you are a little tunnel visioned at this, and I used to be that exact way about another aspect in my life. I really hurt myself because of that and I don’t want to see the same happen to you. If you want to continue with programming, I’d recommend applying for jobs and building your resume.

I know this is the advice you don’t want, but I do think it’s a perspective that you need. You sound like a great guy and I wish you the best in the future.


^^^ this ^^^

Do not equate $$ spent to the huge amount of skills you developed as competitor - nor do $$ on university equate in life success.

Do value friendship, teamwork, and trust skills you developed during VEX.


If you join the Utah discord server: https://discord.gg/rWsTGYX4
I can refer you to some people on the UTAH team.
Just ping Peter when you get in.

Well if you come down to San Antonio, RISE1 has been looking for a programmer. We were competitive in TT, and shaped up pretty well for CU.

Thanks I’ll have to look into that

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DM me if you have any questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m so sorry to hear that your VexU endeavors have not gone as planned. I have always been amazed by the projects you have worked on and I think you have a lot of potential, whether you develop that in Vex or elsewhere in industry.

I have been in a similar position, where I cannot easily access a dedicated/operational team, especially with COVID and my transition to university. Understanding that VexU is a huge time and money investment, it has been on the back-burner for now. The small vex related time I have now, has gone towards mentoring teams, volunteering, and just keeping up with the programming scene in HS vex. If COVID had not happened, I probably would have been remotely writing code for my VexU team since I attend university in a completely different state. Looking back, it is probably better that I did not do this without proper access to hardware or any means of physical testing.

That brings me to my proposition: would you like to take on a project in ROS with me? I have been fascinated by ROS over the last year because of the powerful simulation abilities it has. As someone who is (at least at the moment) more interested in learning & applying theory versus programming to win, I have found simulations very handy. Initially, I considered using ROS to simulate an entire VexU bot, but that is significantly out of my skill level. I was however interested in simulating just a chassis and trying some advanced concepts (similar to the ones Max listed here). Some other projects I had in mind were simulating drone software or replaying and analyzing telemetry from my uni’s formula team. I have been thinking about this option a lot recently because it allows me to remain productive whether or not I have a backing VexU team and I have the flexibility to work anywhere that’s convenient. I think having a partner in this project would be really helpful, as I am still learning and I have SO many questions too!


(If anyone is interested please DM me!)


Thank you so much for the recognition and everything. It’s awesome finding someone who’s interested in stuff that I’m interested in.

I would love to do some ROS stuff with you. ROS is incredibly powerful and kind of overwhelming with what you can do with it. Everything that you and max listed is pretty much built into ROS, and you can do just about anything with it.

I’d like to talk more. Message me to setup a time soon to do a call ( I find that’s the most efficent way to communicate ).

BTW huge fan of your team and all that you’ve done with vex.


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