Explanation of R7 f. & i.

Can 4’x8’ sheets be used?

Can plastics other than polycarbonate be heated as an aid to bending?

Also is vacuum forming legal?

You can use a 4’ x 8’ sheet.
BUT you have to cut out a 1’ x 2’ sheet from it. Then it is legal to use.
Good new is, you can make 16 :wink: of the 1’ x 2’ sheets from that 4’ x 8’ sheet, so you can use the fifteen other sheets for other seasons or other subteams.

For your other questions, you will probably have to ask Karthik.

Well, 16 1x2 sheets actually.

Perhaps this will help answer that: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-r7-i-heated-bending-of-plastics-other-than-polycarbonate/29521/1

is the new rule you can only use 1x2 sheets on the robot??

No, but the rule has always been that all the plastic sheet used on your robot (that isn’t purely decoration) has to come from a single 12" x 24" sheet. Some teams carry a cardboard cut plan to tournaments to prove to referees and judges that their Lexan is legal.

The important point is that it isn’t just 2 square feet max: you can’t use a piece 6" x 48" legally, for example.

You don’t have to cut from one contiguous sheet, just be able to play tetris enough in Inventor to show it could realistically be cut from a single sheet. This way we re-use pieces from season to season and cut from existing scraps of polycarb to save money.

And you can mix and match colors. It has been legal to use some clear and some colored or multiple colors, as long as it could have been cut from a single 1’ x 2’

So as long as the sheet is no more than 288 square inches it is legal?

No, using a single 16"x16" sheet would be illegal, because you could not fit it on a 12"x24" sheet, even though it has less area than 288 square inches.

No. The rule makes no mention of surface area. It says that the sheet cannot be larger than 12"x24". So while the sheet indeed can’t be larger than 288 square inches, that’s not the restriction you need to follow.

So 6"x48" is not legal, even though it has the same surface area of 288 square inches, because it doesn’t fit the requirement of being a sheet 12"x24" or smaller.

Only if it is no bigger than 12 inches horizontally and 24 inches vertically.