Explorer 2

Tried making lightweight bot with good speed and ability to not get stuck
works really well so far but needs upgrades
plz comment on pics

Looks good but, it also looks like you may have made it too light since it appears that the robot is folding in on itself a little bit.

I chose “needs upgrades” because I do think that it is better than the Explorer 1, but I think you could make Explorer 2 much better as well. This may require some more motors, but in turn I believe it would conqor all terrain (for the most part).
I was thinking of having the knobby wheels as you have now as the main moving mechanism, but also having treads, just placed differently and to change their function in relation of the wheels. If you were to have the treads suspended the whole time and then when it gets stuck somewhere the treads would lower far enough to lift the front set or all sets of the knobby wheels off the ground. So the Explorer would quickly switch from being driven by wheels to being driven by tank treads. I’m not sure if this system would be better than what yours is now, but I believe it could be with some tweaking.

i have a question, why are there two microcontrollers?

i dont have programmin kit so i have to use 2

im gonna add on 1 or 2 more of the chassis bars for support soon

i have 1 other motor but i need 1 more

i was also thinking when i get that other motor i will take off the two hooked to the center knobby wheels and have then running freely then take off the front knobbys and put another take tread with middle and front motors to make a sweet :smiley: explorer/flippa bot:D making it more manuverable

:mad: only thing is im really short on cash so might not happen for another month since i relax 1 month of summer

if you are trying to make this an all-terrain bot, i would suggest gearing up the output shaft, and giving it more torque than speed.

Paco, don’t you mean gear it down? And Heavy Metal, that sounds like a different type of plan, I have seen it done and it works quite well, just watch out for stripped clutches though.

If you are gearing down that means you are going from a large gear to a smaller gear thus you get more speed. If you are gearing up you go from a small gear to a large gear thus you get more power. Therefor gearing up you get power and gearing down you get speed.

If you had asked me I would have given the opposite answer.

I don’t know if this subject is standardized in technical specs; but I do know that in common parlance, when I downshift into a lower gear (bicycle, motorcycle or car) I switch from a given driven gear to a larger driven gear.

Perhaps I need to research this so that I can avoid finding out what my foot tastes like. Who can cite any authoritative sources?


i havent had much trouble with the last few clutches that used with this bot only the first 2 in kit that i used with first two bots i built(no photos) burned out then the rest seem to work fine

most technical problems for me have occurred with the screws on the motors
which is weird cause the ones for gripping the rods dont wear at all and are same size
im thinking about getting the 6-32 screws from lowes to see if the flat head style wears less and the packages includes nuts so it will probably stay better

It’s possible I’m wrong this is what I believe I was told, and it makes sense to me.

Flat head screws won’t grip correctly and will work themselves out much quicker than the regular button head screws. What I would suggest is getting new button head screws from www.microfasteners.com or a local hardware store. They are graded higher than the ones that come with Vex, meaning minimal or no stripping of the heads what-so-ever.

No, you’re correct. To gear it down would be to go from 1:1 to 12:1… giving you more torque. Gearing up would do the opposite: 1:1 to 1:12… giving you more speed. It’s all in the final gear ratio (last number).

i’ll look into that thanks for suggestion

found the exact link with jermiah’s suggestion hope this is a big help

list 19-25 down

list 19-22 down

ops wrote it wrong srry:o

just revised the explorer it can go across my couch great but a little trouble on grass it has a little less speed than explorer 1 but motors come loose less often and it just has trouble turning so im goin to need front omni wheels or just buy another :smiley: tank tread making it way better and also

i added support to the rear since it was folding in on itself a little
thank you for pointing it out corpralchee its hard to notice unless u look close enough

I would tend to agree with Blake…

Or in reference to the Driving Gear you would transition to a Smaller Gear…

Think of the Lowest Gear on a 10 Speed (or 12, or 15 or 18 or 21 Speed)

I also agree with you, Gear up = faster speed, Geared down = Slower speed, Like speeding UP the gear, or speeding down the gear.