Exporting Softbody to CAD

Hey everyone! I’m currently planning development on a VR CAD program that would allow robots to be cadded much faster than previously possible and make the whole process much more user friendly and intuitive to Autodesk newbies.

Here’s my dilemma: one key functionality I want the program to have is the ability to export your creation into a cad file. However, it will also contain elasticity physics for testing the robot, like rubber bands for puncher and catapults, etc.

What I’m asking is, what is the best way to go about exporting rubber bands, grip mat, and wires into a cad file? Thanks in advance


ok, let me just say, this is epic


I’m not too sure which one you SHOULD use, but definitely not Inventor (.ipt/.iam) because even trying to simulate basic range of motions will cause the program to commit the biggest die I’ve ever seen.
Solidworks would probably be one way to go, (maybe Blender?) but other people’s testimony would be better than mine.

Thanks for the advice! Will definitely take that into consideration. May export into Autodesk excluding elastics or wires for sketch purposes, but I am trying to cover all bases and give as many options as humanly possible