Extended Indicators

Hey everybody, I had a question about extended indicator lights. I made a post in the Official Q&A but never got a reply. So now I’m asking you all. My question was, could I create my own extended indicator lights for use on our ITZ bot. The idea would be to give me the ability to mount the light in a better position to be viewed as it is controlled during driver control. Currently vex doesn’t offer anything like this from their site, so this light would not be vex regulated. My thinking is that it would violate either <R6> or <R7> of the manual due to the fact that the item does add functionality to the robot and is not vex regulated.Even though the function is minute and only beneficial to the driver’s understanding of where the robot is in its programming.

Vex sells an indicator pack on their website. To my knowledge you can add a 2 wire extension and it will still work. I haven’t had many dealings with them so someone else may be able to chime in with a better answer. Here is the led pack for reference.


I may be confusing my rules with FIRST but, I’m pretty sure the cortex must be easily accessible. So I would just keep that in mind.

As @Ethan W. said, you can use extension cables with the VEX LEDs. Either 2- or 3-wire will work; just be sure the appropriate pins of the LED connect to the correct outputs of the Cortex.

Just a reminder that awhile back, the GDC said they will typically post the Q&A’s once a week. But you have your answer without a Q&A ruling…use VEX indicators with VEX cables and you’re golden.