Extending claw?

Hi, I was thinking that with my teams robot we could make a large claw and use c channels to have the claw be able to extend and gather stars onto a fork that will be under the claw just to help with launching the stars/cubes over and theoretically will allow the robot to pick up lots of stars, however i don’t know if this will work. I haven’t seen it anywhere so it might not, could anybody help me

If I am interpreting this right, we’re trying to build the same thing. We’re using this video as inspiration:

If you mean a claw that extends to become longer, this is a great idea. We just finished ours today and it is working wonderfully. We might even do a reveal over winter break if we can find the time.

ive seen that video before and i think that they are using a 8 motor lift for the claw and ours will be 6 with a 2 motor drive and 2 motors for the claw and that leaves us with 2 motors to have the extension (one for each arm) ive thought this through a million times and i cant really find anything wrong with the idea, do you think that there might be any sort of issue

@Team 8381D Honestly, I wouldn’t have a 2 motor drive, right now we’re using 4 motors for drive and creating a 6 motor lift. Along with that, we are also using 2 more motors for claws. Having 8 motors for a lift is kind of unnecessary. Team 97917 used rubber bands for tension and to quickly raise their lift. Other than that, good luck and have fun this season!

In the description (or the comment section) of the video, I believe that they say that they are using a 6 motor turbo drive, a 4 motor speed lift, and a 2 motor claw. Don’t quote me, however.

well really the 8 motor lift was just a guess and that is possible i’m just used to 2 wire 393 motors and their lift was so quick it seemed like it was an 8 motor lift

Anyhow, back to your robot idea. I honestly think that you should ditch the whole 2 motor drive idea. You want to avoid gears on your drive as much as possible. You should put the extra 2 motors that you have on your drive. By extension, do you mean a hanging mechanism? If so, make your robot light and you can hang with 6 motors on your lift. As for the motors on your lift, figure out if you would like to use 4 or 6 (These are shown to be the optimum amount of motors on the lift). This suggestion leaves you with a 6(or 4) motor drive with a 6(or 4) motor lift with a 2 motor claw and a passive flip-down forklift. This is totally doable. I think that, using the description of the robot from the original post, would be the optimum motor distribution. You could also do a pneumatic claw. This is just my understanding on what you’re trying to build. I think that I went a bit overboard.

by extension i mean that the “arms” of the claw will be able to extend in order to grab more stars at a time

Why don’t you make that passive? If you know forklift locks then you could make a fold-in extension of your claw and, with a small motion, make the extensions go out and lock with the actual claw. Doesn’t seem too hard.

If I am interpreting this right your saying that i could have as a main manipulator have a fork and then if i need it i could have a claw extend?