Extending claw

so i want to make an extending claw that can extend to the towers to drop the cubes into the towers using a linear motion kit any tips on how to successfully do this?

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Is this vex iq or VRC? You are in the vex iq category but vrc has towers…

thanks sorry this is my first post it is VRC

It’s good, we all make mistakes
For the claw I would recommend not going with a linear motion kit and using a different lift design such as a dr4b or 6bar lift. The vex linear motion kits aren’t that good


i have attempted to build this although i was having trouble mounting it i was a bit confused adding the motor to this lift as well it was a 6 bar lift

Do you have any pictures of the exact spot where the problem is occuring?

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i will post one in a few minutes im currently in math class


Screenshot (1)

this is the programming in easy c