Extending Intake Part

I am wondering what you all use for your Extending part that goes on top of your vertical intake.

We may do that for ours, but we were wondering what you guys use to make this.

I know 1200A, and 3008’s early robot did this.

What do you all use?


legal vex parts…

more specifically: polycarbonate, axles, collars, elastic

i think that linear slides would work best, its most definately worth the weight…

definately worth experimenting to make your own means of an expanding intake. the concept is great… just a little fine-tuning to fit your design should be used…

Absolutely, well said, well said.

You can double up linear slides also on each side for extra support. Rubber bands will do the job countering the weight. Works like a charm.

nothing like a rigid robot.

I’ve seen teams use 4 axles (on the outside of the intake) in a plus configuration connected by some sort of metal structure. as the objects push on the metal above the intake, it lifts up and the axles form walls on the outside keeping it within the newly formed cage.

That was exactly what I was thinking.

So connect to 1x’s to make an X, then attach axles which can slide up and down in a Pillow Block.

I think that would work.


We’re using polycarb sliders. The disadvantage to the x or + at the top is that you cannot match load into the top of your intake.

You have the option of lift up the exending oart
And dropping them in.
Our strategy is to add all the match loads into
our ntake and then put them in the 30" in
I dont hink that would be a problem.

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uve got a solid idea going there, but if ur looking to make the most effecient bot possible, ur gunna wanna slap some motors on those slides to help them out. they wont b missed o ur lift of drive.

Well, if you really want a nice robust robot you better use the 393’s on those slides just to be safe.

I dont think you guys get what imean.
I just want a part that will extend up by the barrels and ball pushing up against it and let gracity bring it down.

Also, we dont have any more motors to use

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You must be kidding. You forgot to reserve a motor for spinning the flag on top of the robot.

Just like 3018!

That is unimportant though.

that is one of the most crucial parts of the bot! i would recommend using (4) 393s for that (in that case you could have your name plates on there too…

it is very important. more than you know.

Not as important as the drive, or lift.

It is NOT worth 4 323’s.
You guys are side-tracked or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Why may I ask is it important?

i never get side tracked… and it is important so teams know what color alliance you are and your team number. the judges and refs also like to know this information!!! that is why it is important.

OK, anyway, I really do not think we are going to do that.

What did you use for your extending part?

something else i found that works nice, if you take a nice solid steal c-channel and cut out all the metal in between all the holes in the middle line, you can put one on each side of ur intake and if u put a bolt attaching the modified c-channels to ur intake so you have a nice smooth rigid expanding box.not to mention smooth as a baby’s bottom.