Extending servo wires

I am trying to extend the servo wires. I know it has a red and white wire to a two prong ending. I know you use a pin head to connect to the motor outlet. Is there anything to use to extend the length? Micro contoller 29 or what? Please help.

I am assuming you are with BEST. And from now on it would be very, very helpful if anyone who is on a BEST team asking questions on the forum would kindly state that, it would be a big help, thanks. :slight_smile:

For extending 2-Wire motors, I am unsure what hardware BEST has and how much of the VEX hardware they use, but VEX has 2-wire extension cables available here: http://www.vexrobotics.com/products/accessories/logic/2-wire-cables.html


Are you talking about the Vex (continuous rotation) 2-wire Motors, or the Vex 3-wire Motors, or the Vex Servo Motors - Or about something completely different from the BEST selection of parts?

Also, Vex has a Motor Controller 29, but not a Micro Controller 29 (unless again, it is a part of the BEST or TSA or another program).

We need more information.

I am using Vex for Best Robotics. It is a servo that turns 360 degrees but not continually. It is a three wire: red, white, and black with a blank end that you have to use a pen head to connect to the motor conrtex. I am trying to extended it b/c the cortex is so far back on my robot the original cord can’t reach. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like a BEST question, but somewhat garbled mixing words “servo” with “2-wire”.

Have you read all the training documents under the control system heading at
http://best.eng.auburn.edu/b_resources1.php ?

For the BEST control system, there are servos (3wire) and DCMotors (2wire).
These are Futaba servos, (not Vex servos), so they need to use male-male headers to plug into the motor ports. There are 3wire servo extension cables provided in the kit (2x 40", 2x 24", 1x 8"). You can’t use more than that, so you may have to move the Servos and Cortex closer together to avoid needing more extensions. Some teams have to move the Cortex onto the arm to avoid needing servo extensions.

For BEST system DC motors (2wire), you had to solder on your own red and black wires, so you can make these as long as necessary. These motor wires should be screwed into the white plastic screwterminal blocks that connect to the red- 2wire cables, which then plug into either motor ports 1,10 directly, or plug into #29 motor controller which has 3wires that plug into motor ports 2…9. Therefore, there is no need for 2wire extensions for BEST; just make your own soldered motor wires longer. (Some hubs use crimped motor terminals instead of soldering directly to the motor).

BEST teams: please identify yourself as “BEST” and say what hub you are with, so we can help you in the most appropriate way. You only have 6 weeks (only a few days left by now!), so asking better questions will get you faster answers!

I am with Lions Pride in Commerce, TX. Yes we have the Futaba servos.

Overlapping posts:…
There are no BEST servos that turn 360, they only turn 90 ish.
The “pen head” is a male-male header to connect to the cortex.
There are 5 servo extension wires in the return kit to use for your purpose:
with lengths of 40" 40" 24" 24" 8" . They should just plug together in the obvious way, with matching colors. The extension wires may have a “shroud” extension covering the male end that your servo plugs into.