Extending the forum's auto-logout timer?

Hey all, JW, does anyone else think the auto-logout time in the forum should be extended?

I like to write (okay, ramble) and know that I type slowly, especially on my mobile, but I’ve reached the point where I copy every post or PM I wish to make before posting it. Else, if I pause to reread, make a few edits, or check something on the Vex IQ website, I return to discover that I’ve been logged out, and I have to start over. In fact, I’ve chosen NOT to post a few times, even though I have had several ideas or comments, for this very reason. Mostly, I just write everything using Word now; then I copy it, login, and paste. It’s not pretty and a little annoying, but it works.

In any case, it may be limiting participation in the forum. Anyone else here, or is it just me??

Mine seems to stay logged in for days.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check my settings.

I have had this problem too, but since I have checked the “remember me” login option, no more troubles…

Thank you, Nenik. I am trying that option today on my mobile. Hope you’re right!

Solved! Thanks for the replies.