Extension Cable Retaining Clip v2

The current VEX Extension Cable Retaining Clips are a HUGE improvement over zip ties/electrical tape, but I think they still have room for improvement.

While using the aforementioned clips, we have had cases where (with older, somewhat worn wires) the wires and pins pull right out of their housing, let alone the retaining clips.

As such, I think a second version of these clips ought to route the wires through at a right angle, helping to mitigate this problem. My inspiration for this idea comes from the clips listed here. In other words, I think a fusion of the current VEX clips and the linked clips would be good.

That’s a cool design. However, I don’t like the price. If they are charging that much for only two, I can’t imagine what they will cost from VEX.

They’re also listed here (in the MPI Universal Security Clip section; P/N 2870 and 2871) for a far more reasonable price. With that said though, $13.50 for 20 is still on the expensive side.

And a VEX markup price on the linked product alone, let alone a fusion of that with the existing clips, would probably be frightening.

Those should be currently legal for wire management, as they’re commercially available, by one of the R7 rules.

I’m wondering if you might also be able to make them out of little bits of plastic sheets?

I realize they’re currently legal. They’re just pricey, so I’m hesitant to buy them… And I thought the design ought to be shared with the community here on VEX Forum.

Now I’m determined to try and cheaply recreate them.

The VEX retaining clip comes with 10 of them for $5. Usually around 30 of the clips will be used so you will be spending around $15 to keep all of your wires secure. Compared to the VEX expensive components, I don’t think this is really that expensive, plus it can save you a ton of competitions when your robot is shaking around.

I’ve been using those clips for two years and not until now did I know they worked for 3 wire connections. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself “man they should make these for the 3 wire cables and not just the 2 wire ones” and not once have I tried it for myself. In fact I don’t beleive it I’m gonna try it right now.

It worked.

Are they worth buying for VEX? If so, where do you recommend buying them from?

Heck yea! They’re the cheez, we got ours from the vex store. I think they come in packs of 12. Totally worth buying.

I got my hopes up that someone else in the VEX community was using the 3rd party clips I referenced in the original post… :frowning: