Extension Cable Retaining Clips

Are Extension Cable Retaining Clips considered a functional part? And what if it is an exact replica to the clips.

Yes they are a functional part. I’m unsure what you mean by replica. Have you made some?

By recreating identically the part that they have.

I’m sure no one will have a problem with this. Out of curiosity, How do you plan of recreating cable clips? 3d printer?

link text

yes we plan on recreating them using a 3D printer

Bringing this I thread back from the dead…is there an STL file for a VEX extension cable clip?

Will a .STEP file work? If so, give me just a few minutes.

That works. Thanks!

Alright, the file is now available to download on the product page:

You = awesome.

So @Drow we can print these parts and they are legal? Just want to make sure I’m understanding this thread correctly.

@Powerbelly obviously this isn’t an official answer, but if it’s only being used for wire management pretty much anything is allowed. If you’re using them in a mechanism or to interact with game objects then i don’t believe it would be allowed.

You should post that question in the q and a.

Seems like somene just asked that in the q&a, but I don’t think it’s been answered yet. Previously it was illegal

Actually pretty sure it’s illegal. <R7> states you can use anything to organize wires with the exception that it’s commercially available, which if you’re 3d printing it, it wouldn’t be.

What he said^ :slight_smile: